Local Auto X-Leads Review by Mike Paul OTO Upsell Download

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Local Auto X-Leads Review

Local Auto X-Leads Review by Mike Paul OTO Upsell Download – UNDERCUT EVERY LEAD PROVIDER For Auto Insurance, Yet Make Triple The Profit Overnight – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

Local Auto X-Leads REVIEW

Local Auto X-Leads is a step-by-step, 100% newbie-friendly training to build your own local marketing consulting business from scratch helping Auto Insurance agents with a solid stream of hot DAILY PHONE CALLS using Bing PPC ad. Local Auto X-Leads is unique and will command your attention from the get-go. You are forever searching for something that pays handsomely with the least amount of maintenance possible in the offline space. And I gotta tell ya…This Is It. The beauty of Local Auto X-Leads is, you can finish it in a weekend and be up-n-ready on Monday. These techniques flat out work. But be warned! This is, Not A “Get Rich Quick Scheme”. This is not for someone who wants magical results overnight. This is not for someone who jumps from one opportunity to another but never takes action.

Local Auto X-Leads Review

WATCH THE DEMO Local Auto X-Leads HERE :

Local Auto X-Leads Review by Mike Paul OTO Upsell Download – UNDERCUT EVERY LEAD PROVIDER For Auto Insurance, Yet Make Triple The Profit Overnight – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

Local Auto X-Leads Review

Local Auto X-Leads REVIEW

How Much Do You Have To Invest To Cut Years Of Trial And Error And Start Living The Laptop Lifestyle You’ve Always Wanted? Wouldn’t you agree? Learning this money skill and getting and delivering great value to your clients with so much ease would be well worth $1000,$2000…..even $3000. I can easily demand $500. Look, the local marketing consulting business has been the ultimate reason that I…Never have to work a soul-sucking 9-5 job again. Never have to fear that my livelihood is in someone else’s hands. Never have to say “no” to those nice family vacations because of money. And not waiting for anyone’s precision to do what I want and when I want is priceless. My money skills got me life-changing freedom and flexibility. Once you taste freelancing freedom, you’d never want to get back to your old job. This is the reason I am on this mission to share this fabulous opportunity with folks like you. And I want to make it as practical as possible and remove all the obstacles for serious, ambitious folks. But at the same time, I want only serious folks to get the training program. So I have decided to keep the price at $197.

Local Auto X-Leads Review

Local Auto X-Leads FEATURE :

Local Auto X-Leads OTO / Upsell / Downsell :

[OTO – Upsell]
The first OTO will have consultants ready to attract new clients the easy way. With a proven and tested audio presentation, hard-selling is taken out of the equasion. Also included, is a proven script for those who need it. And a client proposal that is designed to position the consultant in the best light!

[OTO – Downsell]
If you opts not to take the upsell, you are then directed to a downsell page with the same product offer minus the top industries list

[OTO 2 – Upsell]
The Second OTO includes a professional landing page designed for only one thing – CONVERSIONS! Consultants no longer have to create your own site – just follow a few steps to install this ready-made knockout landing page that sells the service for you!

[OTO 2 – Downsell]
If you opts not to take the upsell, you are then directed to a downsell page with the same product offer minus the top industries list

Here’s How It Works

THE LEAD PROBLEM – Auto insurance agents have thrown their hands in the air…not knowing where to turn for help. The leads they’re buying from vendors are being sold to every other agent in town…diminishing their chances of getting the sale! And they’ve been searching for a way to get their hands on Red-Hot Exclusive leads … and they’re sick and tired of Google & Facebook! With Local X-Leads, Smart consultants can now harness the highest conversions I’ve ever seen in this space by sending a consistent FLOW OF LEADS straight to the insurance agent’s phone! Again, without Google or Facebook.

  • First, I show your list how to approach hungry Auto Insurance Agents The Easy Way
  • Next, Your sub enjoys daily inbound leads for their OWN business
  • Then, I teach them how to present and close for a new client in 15 minutes
  • Now, the consultant sets up an Exclusive Call-Only Ad on Microsoft Ads (With Only ONE CTA – A clickable Phone Number)
  • Since prospect has no other choice… (No website to click, no landing page, no squeeze page)…They’re FORCED to call the insurance agent client!

Local Auto X-Leads Testimony

Hello Mike! Your pdf scored me 3 new clients! Retained each for over 3 months and going. Each of those three have referred other businesses to me. Just wanted to say thanks! – Archie S.

..Wanted to say a huge thank you for (somehow) getting on my radar and creating the programs/systems that you do. They are fast becoming my go-to info for the latest in marketing and consulting services… life-changing for me… – Jamie H.

…As far as I am concerned, Mike went beyond the call of his duties. I consider him a business partner and friend. I highly recommend! – Mick B.

I find my days more productive knowing my phone is going to ring with new clients when I want it to! Sure beats calling my sphere over and over again. Thank you! – Anthony R.

It’s The One Thing You Can Offer That Businesses Can’t Say No To

Well, I’m gonna cut-to-the-chase and get straight to the point… There are only 3 simple steps that anyone can follow.

Step 1 – Choose The RIGHT niche and its most gripping problems

Leads are the holy grail of any business. After all, no leads mean no sales, no profit, and that’s the #1 reason most falls like a house of cards. Since 90% of local business owners are clueless how to get leads… They feel severely handicapped and need help right NOW. If you can niche down and pick a target market, you will know more about their specific pain, challenges and frustration. Fact is, experts and specialists earn 3x and 5x more than the generalist. I’ll give you everything you need to become a SPECIALIST to help Local Auto Insurance agencies and agents. Because there are tens of thousands of Insurance agents and agencies who are in crisis and need urgent help. Obviously, moving forward, you can replicate this remarkably simple system for the different target audiences. Now let’s move to…

Step 2 – Generate The Type of Leads They Crave in 10 Minutes

It’s not only critically important to learn how to generate consistent leads but to do so in a way that separates you and puts you far ahead of your competition. You do not want to get drowned in the sea of sameness. I’ll show you piece-by-piece how to easily…

  • Create a pipeline of fresh, hot leads
    and open the faucet right into the client’s hand as fast and as quickly as possible in a way that 90% of marketers have no clue about.
  • Getter better responses
    and hotter leads using the same ad and a tiny budget any auto-insurance agent will salivate over…
  • Harness secret ‘Microsoft Bing’ hacks
    to instantly get top ranking on the search pages while cutting lead costs by as much as 89%.
  • Attract maximum eyeballs (exposure)
    on your client’s pay per click (PPC) ad campaign without spending an extra dime.

And now comes the third yet most critical step.

Step 3 – Copy & Paste Client Attraction

Look, there are so many programs out there, but no one hands you a SYSTEM to get clients and get paid month on month. When most people dread this step, you will love it. Because my goal with you is not to just build a superpower but more importantly, help you land paying clients as fast as possible without any hard selling. You’ll learn how…

  • How to tap four rich pools
    of prospective clients looking for your help (they’re actually searching for YOUR service) right now.
  • Give you the exact word-to-word ad
    that you can copy-paste, send… and watch responses start flowing. Unlike the run-of-the-mill leads your client may be used to, these are BONIFIDE Phone Calls!
  • How to package your services
    and make a monthly income of $3,000 to 12,000 a month working part time putting for nominal effort

And when I hand over this training which is…

Here are its powerful vital components.

  • 14 Mini Video Coaching Sessions
  • 50-page PDF training guide packed with EZ-to-Follow Screenshots
  • Bing Ad Script – Just USE this word for word
  • My $1-Lead Keywords, gauranteed to send the cheapest local leads!
  • And More!!

Here’s A Sampling Of What’s Covered In The Program

  • How to Charge a PREMIUM by Targetng the Right Audience – Discover the most significant problems, challenges and frustration of the Auto Insurance agencies and agents so that you can position yourself as a specialist
  • The ONE Skill you already have – when used, clients will happily pay, stay and refer month after month.
  • EZ Campaign and Ad Setup – Look over my shoulder videos to set up the entire PPC campaign on BING in under 15 minutes for Local auto insurance agents who are just waiting to pay you right now
  • Your shortcut to the highest quality leads possible – The one trick 90% of marketers are missing to cut your lead-response steps from 3 to only 1 step, ensuring the HOTTEST and Most Motivated Leads around.
  • Get More Leads for Less – How to stretch every dollar of your client to its maximum pulling power.
  • A little-known ‘reframe’ hack that’s guaranteed to slash your client’s per lead cost to $1-$2 while everyone else is paying $14!
  • Eradicate the need for lead forms, squeeze pages, and websites – to generate Ripe Leads. This will work even if you hate tech!
  • Skip the research – DFY Microsoft Bing Ad text and keywords that are prewritten ready for you to simply Copy & Paste to create a steady flow of buck leads in days
  • Client Attraction Method – How to instantly beat your competition by giving your clients the most value with minimal spend for each ad you run.
  • Get clients without a cold call – without hard-selling without emptying your pocket on ads, none of that!
  • Never feel stuck in the feast and famine cycle, making these four easiest and fastest client-getting methods work for you.
  • Easily tap a more receptive, rich pool of Auto insurance prospects on one of the world’s most gig-portals and turn them into clients without applying for any jobs there.
  • Classified multiplier leads method to get leads from over 200 different classifieds with a minimal investment of just $ 5 a week without you doing any work.
  • $5 ‘Service’ Ads: How to use Craigslist, #1 in local classifieds and forums for 450 cities worldwide and spin $5 into thousands in attracting new clients.
  • Result-in-advance tactic that virtually guarantees you get your first client or next.
  • The ‘triple edge advantage’ technique cuts your learning from months to minutes and allowing you to earn while you learn to book paying clients Faster!

And much, MUCH more…

Great Reasons Why Local Auto X-leads is Your Shortcut path to success?

It ‘s a pre-built, already set up business –
You get everything – clear instructions to set the campaign, exact keywords, headline and description to use on the ad. Plus, word-for-word copy to get clients based on my 15 years of sales experience. You just have to follow the simple process, fill in the blanks, and you get and serve your clients. That’s the beauty of this program.

Freelancing is the wave of the future –
Local business owners cannot afford in-house lead generation teams. And they would hate paying exorbitant fees to big agencies. They desperately need freelancers like you who can deliver results and work from anywhere. Catch my drift? This is a win-win.

Enormous ever-growing demand
As I shared earlier, in this new environment, thousands of Auto Insurance agencies and agents in your locality, city and neighbouring cities are in crisis and urgently need help. It’s never been easy to find work. And considering the high demand, you can even charge a premium.

Your pathway to freedom and flexibility
How long you have been wanting to quit working for others and burn your resume. Well, you do not have to quit your job right away. Once you start getting a couple of clients, you will be more confident. And it will be more realistic and doable to start on your own. I’ll show you how to land your first client in the next 7 days. Plus, there is no risk and no capital investment. You just need a laptop, wifi and you can work from anywhere.

It’s fast, simple and easy
With my make-it-easy approach, I have removed all the complexity. You just have to invest a couple of hours on the weekend and start serving your clients on Monday. No matter if you have never run an ad campaign before or sold anything to anyone before. If you have the ambition, I’ll supply all the knowledge.

Unlimited UPSIDE!
You’ll learn how to package your services and easily charge $500, $1000 per client and pocket $3000 to $6000 a month. Unlike a job, you do not have to plead or wait for a year to get a meagre 5 to 10% raise… You decide how many clients you want to serve and how much you want to make a year. Because of the high demand, you can easily crack 3 retainer clients a month. And with a little more experience, you can easily crack more.

Auto X-Leads Training is ideal for

  • Any employed professional – who feels frustrated at their current job. And need the fastest yet more realistic, doable approach to quit and start his own local marketing consulting business.
  • Newbie Consultants – who want to ditch their old, tired money-sucking lead generation methods and finally want to build a stream of high-quality leads with little investment.
  • Local marketing agency owners – who want to make an extra $3000 to $6000 a month helping Auto Insurance agents using insider secrets for Bing PPC campaigns.

Remember You’re Backed Up By My 30 Days Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee.

Look, I have never offered any program without a money-back guarantee before… And when it comes to delivering super quality training my track record is second to none.

Your 30-Day Guarantee…

If after you’ve taken the course for a test-drive and the results don’t satisfy… I’ve refund every penny of your investment! My intention is to make the process as smooth as possible and be with your every step of the way.

Local Auto X-Leads : FAQ

“I’ve not even sold lemonade in the hottest summer. How will I sell my services?”
Since Auto Insurance agencies and agents are desperately, actively looking for someone to help. So I will never have to hard sell. You’ll learn the four easiest and fastest ways to attract and reach out to an immense pool of prospective clients. Plus, you get exact scripts to get them interested.

“I do not have any marketing and tech-skill. Will I be able to do that?”
It’s almost like a pre-built set business up. You just have to follow the simple process, fill in the blanks, and you can get and serve your clients. Plus, I made it so simple that even an 8th grader can follow the steps.

“Is this a limited time offer?”
Yes, this offer could be taken down anytime because I’m not sure how long I will be able to offer it for $27. So I would urge you to act while it’s still available.

What is so different about this training?
Two things make this program different,

  1. You’ll be able to deliver maximum high-quality leads with minimum investment for Auto Insurance agents and agencies (who are actively looking for help) using Bing PPC ad hacks that 90% of the marketers are clueless about
  2. If you follow the training, you can land your first client in the next 7 days, so even sooner.

“Does this take a lot of time?”
Each client initially takes about an hour to set up. Then only minutes per month to manage. Of course, it depends on what other services you are providing to the client as well. But obviously, you work less and make more.

“What if I have questions during the training?”
My goal is to give you the clearest and easiest step…And if you have any questions, you can drop me an email. This support system is there so that you never feel lost and move ahead with confidence.

GRAB Local Auto X-Leads HERE :

Local Auto X-Leads Review by Mike Paul OTO Upsell Download – UNDERCUT EVERY LEAD PROVIDER For Auto Insurance, Yet Make Triple The Profit Overnight – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

Local Auto X-Leads Bonuses

Local Auto X-Leads REVIEW

Here’s The Good News! Look, I know you’re interested, but you have to act now… Then for a limited number of participants, on a limited-time basis, you can get instant access to the training at only $27. Because I want to reward fast action takers…You see this is ONLY $1 per day if you divide it by 30 days. Just getting up one client will give you multiple returns on your investment. If you consider how starting your work-from-anywhere business will give control to your destiny…Getting access to Local Auto X leads training shouldn’t ultimately cost you anything. It’s a life-time investment. However, the promptness of your response matters because the deadline for this low price is real. I take your learning & growth very seriously & you have my personal promise that you will love this training and you’ll have everything to attract good clients, get paid and deliver results. And I am pretty confident that you will not find the insider secrets and hacks that I am talking about anywhere. If, for some reason, you’re not delighted with the amazing skills that you learn & apply, then just let me know – and you get all your money back – my personal ‘test-drive’ it guarantee! And just for showing your trust initially, you can still keep a 50 page PDF training guide. So take the test-drive, fully protected by my ‘either love the results or your money-back guarantee.

GET Local Auto X-Leads HERE :

Local Auto X-Leads Review by Mike Paul OTO Upsell Download – UNDERCUT EVERY LEAD PROVIDER For Auto Insurance, Yet Make Triple The Profit Overnight – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

Local Auto X-Leads Download

Local Auto X-Leads GUARANTEE

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Local Auto X-Leads REVIEW

Yes! Mike…I Want To Start Learning How To Earn 6-Figures as a local consultant and I want to Legally ‘Steal’ Your Exact Steps! I realize that this is the only program of its kind available anywhere. It shows cutting edge tactics to get a massive lead flow for Auto Insurance clients with minimal investment. I know I’ll get 14 short videos, a 50 page PDF, a list of low-cost, converting keywords. Plus, the Ad copy script and Classified Ad copy written based on 13 years of your sales experience. I know I’m backed up by your 100% test-drive guarantee so the risk is ZERO. Yes, Mike, I’m ready. Please give me immediate access to Local Auto X Lead training, so I can start making $2000 to $9000 a month. I know this training program will not be available at such a stealing low price of $27 ever again. And the price is going up with every sale. Give me instant access to the training. Here’s to your well-deserved success…Sounds to me like your decision today is a real no-brainer, so I’m really looking forward to welcoming you aboard and sharing these powerful secrets with you. Remember, my support desk and I are here to answer any of your question – you’re not in this alone.

GET Local Auto X-Leads HERE :

Local Auto X-Leads Review by Mike Paul OTO Upsell Download – UNDERCUT EVERY LEAD PROVIDER For Auto Insurance, Yet Make Triple The Profit Overnight – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

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