Landline2SMS Review by david henry OTO Upsell Download

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Landline2SMS Review

Landline2SMS Review by david henry OTO Upsell Download – Best new service that text enables existing business landlines for business in the US and Canada – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH


What is Landline2SMS? Landline2SMS is The worlds MOST COMPREHENSIVE SMS Text Message Marketing Service. Landline2SMS – Our totally unique service focuses on delivering a better experience for local business customers. We make it easy for customers to contact a business and we provide a range of done for you services so more customers visit the business more often. It’s not rocket science, it’s a proven marketing strategy used by all the key players simply because it works like gangbusters and now with the launch of our brand-new service. Any business big or small can now also benefit from this rewards driven marketing strategy for a fraction of the cost of a typical rewards club. It’s a win win situation. The business never misses a call, sales enquiry, or customer service request. The consultant makes an easy foot in the door sale every business needs and for a suggested $47 set up fee and $47 – $97 per month…There is not a lot to think about as a business owner. Here is an example of our automated reply service. We can enable 95% of all business landlines within 48 hours. No fulfilment for the consultant, we do the work, all we need is proof of ownership of the landline. The automation takes minutes to set up and is tailored to the Individual business services. In this example, we have created 3 options to help direct the customer and provide a positive outcome. Create the automation based on the exact requirements of each business and provide a personal service. The service is triggered on any word or phrase sent as a text to the business landline. In this example the customer is asking if the business is open. This business has set up a VIP rewards club and has a customer service department, so the automated reply provides further information for all 3 options and this can be easily designed to cater for any individual business requirements. Below you can see the automated replies set up in the system to help and inform the customer who cant fail to be impressed but more importantly provided with a positive reply. Call Back…VIP Club…Support…If you can copy and paste you can create unlimited chat bot flows in a matter of minutes. Ask a question to collect data, provide an answer and finish the flow with a response. The system notifies the business owner or staff member that a customer has registered in the system and wants a call back and provides the contact number. Seamless Automation. The business never misses a call, gains a valuable VIP club member and customers requesting support are directed to the support desk on complete autopilot. For the vast majority of small to medium businesses. This automation can save them hours and hours spent answering calls. Generate real enquires, leads and sales ON AUTOPILOT. Keep happy customers coming back for more. You provide the service and decide on your own fees but we have found the sweet spot to be $47 set up and $47 per month for the standard automated reply service you can see in the live demo below. But we don’t stop here! We include a state-of-the-art SMS text message platform built using advanced 2-way AI technology with no 3rd party integrations required. Local businesses store customer contact details including mobile phone numbers, make sure they have permission to contact their customers with marketing messages and simply…Convert cold leads to paying Customers. Totally unique chat bot that converts cold enquires to hot leads and delivers coupon codes or special offers on complete autopilot. Use our “done for you” social media covers, banners, and printed flyers to get the word out fast that your client is launching a new VIP rewards club. All messages sent to the number with the Unique Keyword are automatically added to a contact list and receive an automated reply. Quickly and easily Create special offers and events. Here is a typical chat bot flow for a local car repair and valet company using a 20% discount offer for a full car service. Its painting by numbers easy to create unlimited chat bot flows that add revenue and build the brand. In this example all messages sent to the exclusive local car repair and valet company number with the keyword, SERVICE triggers the bot into action and directs the conversation to confirm a service and an add on sale of a choice of valet and the customer details are saved to a segmented phone book contact list. ON COMPLETE AUTO-PILOT. Send targeted campaigns to 1000s with exclusive offers. Use our targeted keyword campaigns to segment customers based on offers and actions. Send a bulk 2-way message asking for a reply to a keyword, in this example its GYMOFFER and all replies are moved to a new phone book and the customer is provided with an exclusive code and a link to a latest offers landing page. Create social media banners, instore flyers and posters using our done for you resources to increase conversions further.

Landline2SMS Review


Landline2SMS Review by david henry OTO Upsell Download – Best new service that text enables existing business landlines for business in the US and Canada – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

Landline2SMS Review


Create set and forget Autoresponder campaigns. Deliver the latest offers direct to your customers phone every day, week or month to suit your clients business on autopilot. Simply create a landing page and upload the latest offers and deals. Create the autoresponder message and add the link to the landing page. Set the message to deliver weekly, monthly or at a custom time to suit and the messages are delivered on autopilot. It really doesn’t get any easier to drive more customers each and every week with the minimum amount of work required. Create a branded Rewards Club. Quickly and easily build a list of VIP customers using our done for you branded VIP Club resources. Engage, Inform and Reward your client’s customers with exclusive offers! Why VIP Clubs. Quite simply, a branded VIP Club providing exclusive offers and deals is the easiest way to get an existing customer to visit a local business more often and spend more money with them rather than a local competitor. It is a no brainer decision for any local business owner to pay an agreed amount ONLY for new orders in the form of a discount rather than expensive ads that are paid upfront with no guarantee of any results. Local business owners are aware of the bigger businesses in their niche providing rewards and offers but most have never even considered they could also use this strategy. When they see the low cost to entry of a totally done for them system, they are understandably very excited to get started and this adds massive value to the service. Branded VIP Reward Clubs provide the FASTEST ROI. Quickly and easily build a list of VIP customers using our done for you branded VIP Club resources. Engage, Inform and Reward your client’s customers with exclusive offers! It is a simple process anyone can set up to provide amazing results for very happy local business clients. You can provide almost instant results tapping into the low hanging fruit providing an outstanding joining offer. VIP Clubs are not new. Most of the bigger players all have some form of rewards club simply because they. Work like gangbusters! We all like deals…Local businesses are perfectly positioned to create some great offers. Using SMS 2-way messages gets the word out fast and our advanced segmentation and targeting ensures each business achieves the maximum conversions. Business owners need revenue, and everyone has quiet days/nights or even days they don’t open. Imagine creating a campaign for your client to provide a FREE BOTTLE OF WINE on a quite Thursday night for a local restaurant or a FREE manicure on Wednesday afternoon for your salon client and filling every booking for a FEW CENTS PER CLIENT! VIP clubs provide MASSIVE ADDED VALUE. They build a valuable customer list. Create a bigger brand feel as a major player. It’s a quick win, forget about waiting weeks or months for a return on the promotional investment. VIP clubs can make net profits in a matter of days focusing on existing customers first. This is the SHEER POWER of using SMS VIP Clubs. AND we include 6 popular businesses with “done for you” resources. We include everything you need to provide a Professional Service. Exclusive library of design studio quality graphics. 12 individual design templates for all 6 business types genuinely worth hundreds of dollars which include. Flyers, Posters, social media banners and cover templates. Each template is 100% editable, simply login to our account, edit the template adding your clients logo, exclusive telephone number and keyword, send to print and upload to your clients social media. COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING and Additional Resources Included. Client Prospecting doesn’t get any Easier. Automated lead generation takes a cold local business enquiry and converts into a hot prospect. We have created a powerful demo funnel and the sole aim of your prospecting efforts is to get as many potential local business owners as possible to access it and join the VIP Club in real time.

Landline2SMS Review

Landline2SMS FEATURE :

Landline2SMS OTO / Upsell :

Advanced License – Up to 5 Client Accounts
Includes a fully featured SMS text message marketing platform, Branded VIP Club and unlimited access to a wealth of done for you marketing resources for up to 5 client accounts. This is the entry level app which can create a great part-time income but because this service works like gangbusters and requires very little “work” once the system is set up the upgrade to the Enterprise License is highly recommended during this launch offer pricing and a great angle for your promo

OTO 1 : Enterprise License – Unlimited Accounts
This system sells and more importantly produces results for businesses month after month so once you has 5 clients, you are most likely going to stick around for the long run and why wouldnt they if you are seeing great results. This upgrade is essential to provide unlimited clients, even adding 5 more clients to the 5 allowed in the advanced license can result in additional monthly income of $1500 – $2000 for an additional investment

OTO 2 : Inboxingpro Enterprise X – Unlimited Clients
Our flagship autoresponder app provides cross channel marketing at its best. Fully featured combined email and SMS platform in 1 dashboard and includes unlimited SMS and email features for up to 100,000 contacts. Collect the contact details and add to the email list and an SMS phone book contact list seamlessly and create cross channel messaging. Use the chat bots to generate leads and follow up with automated email campaigns

OTO 3 : Agency License reseller 50
This takes the local marketer to another level and adds a fantastic additional revenue opportunity. With this license you can issue up to 50 of your clients with your own app access and make 100% profit of the license fee. Additionally, the reseller can make profits from selling credits directly because we have removed the buy credits link from the navigation so a very easy way to generate monthly recurring income with very little actual work required

OTO 4 : 12 Months Specialist email Hosting
We provide a unique offer that provides hosting on super-fast SSD servers, a dedicated IP and full cPanel access. This is a very clever way to provide lower cost hosting using our own platform to get outstanding email delivery using a dedicated IP and full cPanel access. This unique hosting package is designed to ensure you sending reputation is protected and improved and can save the hundreds of dollars

OTO 5 : VIP Club 6 Pack
Great opportunity to get 6 more “done for you” VIP club resources and include printed template and social media banners in the popular local business types

  • Chiropractor
  • Florist
  • Hair Salon
  • Hotel
  • Pet Supplies
  • Takeaway food

OTO 6 : BOGOF 100 Credit Offer
Extend the Buy One Get One Free launch bonus with a no brainer offer. You can get an additional free bonus up to $100 when you purchase additional sending credits. Credits can be used directly, given away, sold to clients at whatever price you decide or used in free 7-day trials to secure long term clients

Landline2SMS Benefits :

  • Done for you Solution
  • No change to the telecoms service
  • No hardware to install
  • No fulfilment, we do the work
  • Advanced automation using 2-way text messages
  • Comprehensive 2 way SMS marketing platform Included
  • No 3rd Party Integrations Required

Our key focus

Increase Store Visits
How to get more customers to visit the business more often and spend more money with them rather than their competitors

Grow a Customer List
How to organically grow their customer lists without spending $1000s on expensive ads

Reward Customers
How to engage, motivate and reward customers to keep them coming back for more

Fixed Price Budget
How to do all this on a fixed price budget that is guaranteed to make a positive ROI each month using a done for you managed service

Use the automated reply bot as a foot in the door service every business needs

Create a bespoke solution based on the individual business requirements using our advanced AI 2-way chat bot technology

Landline2SMS Features :

  • Advanced 2-way SMS chat bot technology
  • No 3rd Party integrations required
  • Client portal included
  • Text enable Landlines or provide local SMS numbers
  • Outstanding Resources and training included

Unique Features – Outstanding Performance

Engage and Incentivise existing customers

  • Upload the contacts to a phone book list
  • Use a done for you offer to join the VIP club
  • Send the campaign to the existing customer contact list
  • Customers that reply with the keyword are automatically sent a reply, which can contain a coupon code and link to the VIP offers page or any other page you create based on the induvial business
  • All recipients are automatically added to a new phone book contact list

Landline2SMS Testimony

I am blown away exploring the incredible power. I run an agency based in Vancouver, and based on my testing of the system, I am blown away exploring the incredible power, and the true potential it has to elevate local businesses to thrive, especially during this Covid-19 crisis. – SHAMEEN RUSSEL, Digital marketing

DHM Digital Marketing has thought of everything in creating a complete business in a box, With 6 DFY clubs for various business categories, they have made it super easy to get this service up and running. It is easy product to understand, and the video tutorials and written guides are well done. – JAMES BLACKMAN, Digital marketing

A much-needed, very viable business opportunity, very clear step-by-step instructions, and comprehensive information that anyone should be able to follow. Most businesses will be crying out for this service this software gives you a clear head start and a great way to earn ongoing income. Well thought out from start to finish and much better than most pie-in-the-sky business opportunities. Highly recommended for anyone prepared to take action and build a great business. – PAUL WALSH, Digital marketing

You Need No technical skills required at all, everything is explained so clearly in the modules so that you can get started as quickly as possible. VIP Clubs PRO is a Powerful 2-way SMS text message marketing platform and doesn’t need any 3rd party connections. The training you see inside is world-class and I highly recommend this platform. Thank You David for another great product. – VICTOR HERNANDEZ, Digital marketing

David always goes above and beyond when it comes to creating software to help local businesses. The training, graphics and easy to use software is great. The bottom line is, without doubt you will be impressed, not only by the all round package but the credibility that goes hand in hand with it. – JOHN REA, Digital marketing

David Henry’s VIP Clubs Pro will get you started in the increasingly popular VIP Clubs niche – almost every business needs one – and now you have the tool to help your clients earn more money from their existing clients. You can get started for a ridiculously low price and add more clients after you’ve sold your first few. Another VIP system I’ve used cost over $700 just to get started. If you’re thinking about adding VIP Club services to your clients, you can’t go wrong with this. – DAVEY MARS, Digital marketing

Providing professional services has never been easier or more Profitable!

  • Everything you need is included today
  • NO other tools, resources or 3rd party integrations required
  • Setting up the SMS text message platform is quick and easy
  • You control your own business directly from within the platform
  • Sell your services at your own rates
  • Buy client credits at discounted rates and sell retail for additional profits
  • Genuine opportunity to create a full-time income working part time hours
  • 90% set and forget automation, do the work once and get paid month after month

Landline2SMS Bonuses :

I know you are keen to get started

Here is a quick recap of WHATS INCLUDED TODAY…

SMS Text message Marketing Platform
Totally Unique Platform Rewards existing customers with exclusive offers and Converts cold leads to new customers

6 Done for you VIP Clubs
Comprehensive library including flyers, posters, social media covers and banners for 6 popular local businesses

Complete Online Ordering System
UNLIMITED FREE ACCESS to provide an essential service to enable restaurants to quickly set up to accept online orders and table reservations

6 Done for you Chat Bot Flows
Convert cold leads into customers using our unique chat bot flows, we include 6 campaign examples for any business

$50 FREE credits BOGOF
Make instant profits selling the FREE credit allocation for normal retail costs of 3-4 cents per credit or use in FREE 7 Day trials

GRAB Landline2SMS HERE :

Landline2SMS Review by david henry OTO Upsell Download – Best new service that text enables existing business landlines for business in the US and Canada – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

Landline2SMS Bonuses


The power of a live demo in Real Time! You can create compelling demos using the features of the app to easily convert cold enquires to hot leads. Painting by numbers easy to set up. We understand most marketers are not technical and we have created a system that anyone regardless of experience or technical knowledge can set up in 15 minutes and be ready to go. We provide the landing page templates and the chat flow messages in our comprehensive members area so all you need to do is copy and paste to your own site as you can see in the live demo below. We cleverly add natural urgency and scarcity into the demo by working with only 1 business type per area and you will generate lots of almost instant enquires. This strategy ensures you can convert clients much quicker because no one wants to wait to “think about it” and risk missing out on the offer to their main competitor! See the exact set up process and the demo funnel delivered in real time. Whilst sales pages, video explainers, webinars etc all have a part to play to convert prospects to customers nothing beats the sheer power of using a live demo! In a hurry and don’t have time to watch the video. Here is an example of an automated demo process, Simple but super powerful automated lead generation using SMS text messages. Local Business Owner sends a text with the keyword SALES to your own allocated number. Automated chat bot reply collects the enquiry name and sends a personalized reply with a link to the information. Business Owner opens the message and clicks the link to get more info (We all do in a text message). Here is the simple process. Create a landing page using our done for you template to provide the information and important demo links. The local business owner scrolls through the information and clicks the demo link to join the club and is immediately directed to a landing page to view the latest offers. From here you can provide more information about the business and more exclusive offers using our done for you banners and flyers. Simple quick and easy, automation at its best! This is advanced technology simply not found in any other app or service, even the $100 per month VIP club services don’t have anything near to these powerful features. But it gets even better… 100% Mobile Responsive so you never miss a lead! We are all busy people and not always sat at the PC, but we do always have our phone. We have created a yet another totally unique feature that allows you to set up an instant notification that is sent to your phone when a new enquiry replies to any keyword you have set up. Add the phone number that you want to receive the update to the chat flow and each new enquiry triggers the alert and provides the number of the enquiry and the keyword. Login to the app on your PC, find the enquiry and reply in real time or login to the app directly from your own phone and make unlimited replies to unlimited enquires in real time. Need a gentle push to close the deal. Use live chat to send a personal message, in this example we remind the business owner that we partner with only 1 business type per area which is a soft sell approach that works like gangbusters. As a business owner, would you risk taking even 1 more day to make a decision? Simple but immensely powerful closing technique. System can handle unlimited replies. Get the demo in the hands of as many prospective clients as possible and sit back and wait for the enquires. Here is an example of a live reply. You have received an alert that a new enquiry has entered the demo funnel. You find the flow in the app based on the owner’s number and you can see they have gone through the demo funnel, joined the VIP Club and clicked to view the landing page offers. The owner can’t fail to be impressed with the system and now is a perfect time to follow up. Using live chat, simply send a quick follow up 60 – 90 minutes after the demo and because it is sent as a text message the client is going to read it and act on it. This is without doubt the most comprehensive SMS platform ON THE PLANET and provides a total solution.

GET Landline2SMS HERE :

Landline2SMS Review by david henry OTO Upsell Download – Best new service that text enables existing business landlines for business in the US and Canada – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

Landline2SMS Download


100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Local quality. With Global Low Latency (GLL), your messages automatically take the shortest and highest quality path. Local carrier connections in the US and Canada help us validate that your messages can be delivered, and you receive real-time delivery status. Local numbers not short code numbers for better conversions and 2-way messages. According to recent research, as many as 64% of customers want to be able to engage with companies via two-way messaging and acquiring a long number (also known as a virtual mobile number) enables businesses to do just that. It has also been proven that customers much prefer to call and text local numbers rather than national telephone or short code text message numbers. Allocate unique additional landline numbers. Text enable the business landline and provide a full range of services or provide additional unique local landlines for a business to use exclusively for promotional campaigns. Automatic built in opt Out process. Add an automatic opt out link in each message and recipient is automatically removed from all contact lists for 100% compliance. Campaign reports. See the stats on all campaigns sent, you can view each recipient and the success of the message. Delivery reports. View detailed delivery reports on all messages sent and received. Sending credits are automatically deducted for the account balance for messages sent and received. Comprehensive 2 way service Provided in US and Canada. Unique local telephone number included to provide services as part of this offer. The cost is normally $60 per number for 12 months rental but during this launch. We are including a unique local number to use to provide non landline services and demos. Buy credits at a discounted rate. Credits cost just 1.5 cents and the typical retail cost to sell credits to local business clients is 4-5 cents. Can you imagine the results you can achieve for your clients.. Sending 1000 messages and getting over 900 opened and read within 3 minutes for just $15. If there is an easier way to sign up local clients ON MONTHLY RETAINERS…I am yet to see it! So, let me ask you…What would you expect to pay for this complete business in a box? You have a commercial license included during this launch to provide professional services directly from the app with no 3rd party integrations required. We provide a fully featured platform as standard and you can decide which services you wish to provide making you 100% profits. The entry level automated reply bot service can be used as foot in the door service selling for just $47 per month which can save a business hours and hours, build a list of new customers and provide outstanding support to their customers. Take the service to the next level and provide a fully managed digital marketing service and provide guaranteed results for long term monthly fees. There is no time to waste. Our current VIP Club Pro service sells for $27 per month and this service will go to a monthly fee immediately after this launch closes. During this limited time launch, you can save a massive 92% and get 12 months access to the complete service and comprehensive resources for just $27. Don’t miss this opportunity to create long term monthly fees providing local business with a much-needed service that can’t fail to make them net profits and reward their valuable customers with exclusive rewards. Our Advanced License provides…All the features below are included as standard. This includes all updates, upgrades and premium support. Limited Time Offer.

GET Landline2SMS HERE :

Landline2SMS Review by david henry OTO Upsell Download – Best new service that text enables existing business landlines for business in the US and Canada – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH


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